Organic Saffron


Excellent Organic Saffron Stamens from Morocco. Enough to make at least 30 portions of rissotto.

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This quality saffron comes from organic farmed plantations in the Taliouine area which is the heart of Morocco’s saffron producing region and  lies south of Marrakesh and east of Taroudant.

The region’s high altitude (1586m), distinct weather patterns, and high mineral content allows for an especially prosperous window in the agricultural calendar: the saffron harvest. Worth its weight in gold, saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. Morocco is the fourth largest producer in the world and while saffron is also farmed in the Ourika Valley, over 90% of its cultivation occurs in the Taliouine region. As a result, the town’s relationship with saffron is built on a dependency and respect for the fortune it brings. Guesthouses and restaurants are all named after the crocus and it is reflected in the local cuisine and traditional medicines. Almost everything from Moroccan salads to kefta and tajines are sprinkled with a healthy dose of saffron stigmas, as if it were salt and pepper, while saffron tea is continually being brewed.

(information from by Chris Griffiths)

Box contains 1g of Organic Saffron.

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