The British Designed Nipoori Tandoori Oven


The British designed Nipoori Tandoor oven is based on a traditional Tandoor oven, the Nipoori is made from 2 cast aluminium pieces.

You light the charcoal in the bottom section, once it is alight you can then place the top section on and this starts to heat up. After a few minutes the oven will reach temperature and you can then place your loaded skewers in through the opening at the top.

The Tandoor design creates movement of heat through natural convection so that the oven is even in temperature throughout. Within a few minutes your Tandoori Kebab Skewers are cooked and are ready to be eaten.

The Nipoori Design is quick, simple and easy to use and produces fantastic results everytime. Includes 6 Nipoori Skewers, extras are available as an option.

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The British designed Nipoori Tandoori Oven

The Nipoori Tandoori Cooker was developed and designed in England, United Kingdom in 1997 and holds an International Patent. The idea was to provide an approach to cook authentic tandoori style Indian food. The Nipoori Tandoori Cooker is a triumph of innovation, a revolutionary cooker, combining a traditional charcoal BBQ with a removable hood, specifically designed to cook Indian food, tandoori style to perfection.

The Nipoori‘s patented design, allows for intense heat to be produced (400°C) within the unit. Cooking skewered food (vertically), inside as well as outside without turning. This is due to the three ways of heat transfers – Radiated, Conducted and Converted heat, enabling it to be used anywhere from picnic site to a patio or balcony. The ease of use and cooking flexibility make it an ideal choice for the complete novice to the professional chef. The variety of Indian food capable of being cooked is endless including tandoori chicken, meat, shellfish, fish and vegetables.

How to Use The Tandoor Oven for Authentic Indian Tandoori Cooking.

Simply put marinated food on skewers, when the charcoal has reached the cooking temperature. Fit the hood and place the skewers vertically inside it. No heat adjustment, turning or particular cooking skills are needed. Temperature up to 400°C are generated very quickly and maintained evenly throughout the oven. Quick, Safe and Easy. The ultimate multi purpose stove. A unique cooking experience and because of its hood, it can be used all year round whatever the weather.


Cooking Instructions

  1. Food is cooked Indian Tandoori style on Skewers.
  2. Impaled food marinaded in tandoori spice mix should be spaced along Skewers with gaps left in between to allow even passage of heat.
  3. Load Skewers to within 10 cm of the tip and up to the joint. A small onion could be used as a ‘stop’ to help prevent items of food from sliding off.
  4. The Skewers are now lowered vertically into the oven, with the tips resting on the Hot Coals and their handles protruding from the top.
  5. The Skewers can now be left unattended whilst the cooking process takes place.
  1. Allow just 6 minutes for 1 inch cubes of chicken or meat, longer if you prefer more charring to occur. Vegetables, Fish, Shellfish and fruits all take considerably less time and can be cooked to your own liking.
  2. When the outside of the food is cooked to your liking, your Nipoori Ovens unique cooking process will ensure that the inside is cooked also.



The legs, handle brackets, fixings and charcoal surface are all made from stainless steel and it come with an enamelled steel ash tray in the bottom.
Weight: 14kg
Dimensions: 95cm High 44cm Diameter

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Weight 14.00 kg


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