6.8L Mr D’s Thermal Cooker

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Mr D’s 6.8L Thermal Cooker

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3 reviews for 6.8L Mr D’s Thermal Cooker

  1. Arun Shetty

    Dear Mr D, this isn’t a review. I’d like to buy this product (is the 6.8L your biggest thermal cooker ?). When will you be getting more in ? I really like the concept and your YouTube clips. Many thanks

    • MrDTheThermalCook

      Hi Arun, I did try and respond to your email but it bounced back. I have sent you a further one from another account so hopefully you will get the second one. If you don’t receive it please give me a ring.
      All the best
      Mr D

  2. Liz

    Not a review, a question:
    Is it possible to get 2 3 litre pots for this like the shuttlechef?
    Is there a ‘top pot’ for this size?

    • MrDTheThermalCook

      Hi Liz, I am afraid not as the number of these cookers I sell is very small, something like 10 to 15 a year. I would have to sell at least a thousand a year to justify the high cost of the moulds to make a top pot for this cooker.
      Sorry to disappoint
      All the best Mr D

  3. Liz

    Hi Me D, thank you for the information. Another question: does the top pot fit the 6.8L cooker?

    • MrDTheThermalCook

      Hi Liz, No there is no top pot for the 5L or the 6.8L and there will be non in the future.

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